Lisa Hilliard

LOVE 1st........TEACH 2nd!!

 Welcome to Mrs. Hilliard's page!!!


I'm gonna miss you GOBS!

Skills We Are Learning

Life Skill


Share a smile!!

​Home Taught

*Practice zipping coats/pants and tying shoes*



Academic Skills


REVIEW All Letters - Mm, Jj, Aa, Dd, Tt, Bb, Rr, Gg, Yy, Ee, Pp, Vv, Ii, Qq, Cc, Oo, Zz, Kk. Ll. Xx, Ff, Ww, Nn, Ss, Hh, Uu

Popcorn Words-  red, I, blue, am, the, yellow, little, green, a, orange, to, purple, have, brown, is, black, we, pink, my, like, white, he, for, they, of, you, did, will, are, that, do, here, go, from, and, on, yes, no, but, what, was, said, where, come, up

Write alphabet correctly
and in order

Recognize word families

Recognize color words- red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, pink

Read and Spell 3-letter words:
(ex.)bat, jet, pin, hog, gum

Become familiar with syllables:
hat-1 syllable
candle- 2 syllables
calendar- 3 syllables
motorcycle- 4 syllables

Skill- setting


- Recognize 2-D shapes
(square, rectangle, circle, triangle)

-Recognize 3-D shapes
(sphere, cube, cylinder, cone)

-Understand simple addition/subtraction(to/from 5)

-Recognize and write numbers 1-100

-Counting orally 1-100
-by 1's and 10's

-Form and continue a pattern

(ABC-green, orange, purple)

-Do our work neatly and with pride

-Follow school and classroom rules


 Mark Your Calendar
May 22nd- No School Teacher Inservice
May 23rd- Last Day (K dismiss at 12:30pm)


   ALWAYS   DO  YOUR     BEST!!!




There is NO, "I can't."

There IS, "I'll try!!!"


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