Kelley Hall


Welcome to Mrs. Hall's Kindergarten 

Kindergarten Rocks
I am so happy that I have your little one in my classroom

Following directions are always important!

Home Taught Skills
are taught by the parents .........

 zipping and buttoning pants, tying shoes, blowing noses, washing hands, memorizing address and phone number



 With letters-Aa-Zz

Popcorn Words
this year
I am a little the to have is we my like he for me with she see look they you of will did are that do in it at can go here  from and on did yes but no what said was here come up this your has as

color words
 red, blue, orange, pink, purple, black, brown, yellow, white


Recognize and write numbers correctly

Counting  1-100 by ones and tens

 Calendar Happenings