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*Prodigy is a math game that the students' can play at school or at home! They have their own login for it!!!*

Spelling Words: 

1. ankle             7. little   

2.  title                8. bundle

3. apple              9. bubble

4. cable             10.  giggle  

5. purple            11. sparkle

6. able                12. tickle

Bonus word: traveled

Spelling Sentences:(only two sentences this week since it is a short week!)
1. My brother and I only giggle when we tickle each other.
2. The stars sparkle and twinkle at night.

Important Information/Events:
1. Our story this week will be "A Froggy Fable." Please make sure your child is studying their spelling words and sentences each night. Tuesdays and Thursdays your child needs to read the story out loud at home to a parent/guardian. 

*On spelling city, type in the name of our story that we are reading, and all of the words for that particular story will put them in game form to practice with spelling and understanding the word!

Spelling City