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April 24-28, 2017

Mon. -Practice Key Words and Amazing Words
Read "Helping Mom" paper reader (Sign bottom/return Tuesday)

Practice Key Words and Amazing Words
Tues. - Read "I Can  Read" pages 154-157 in hardback reader. (Sign notepad/return Wed.)

Practice Key Words and Amazing Words
Wed.- Read "I'm a Caterpillar". Sign signature sheet/return Thurs.

 - Practice Key Words and Amazing Words.
Re-read "I'm a Caterpillar". Resign Signature sheet/return Fri.

Fri. - Test over "I'm a Caterpillar" story skills in class. No homework

(These are high-frequency/sight words that students should be able to read by the end of Grade 1!  Please practice them daily.

wait   visit   push   know   done


vessel   emerge   cycle   insect   fragile   develop   flurries   rearrange

(These words are to be studied only as vocabulary words to understand as word  meanings



her   girl   shirt   sir   first   burn   fur   bird   were   hurt

Bonus Word:  caterpillar


PLEASE continue to practice (+) and (-) flashcards. Also, practice counting backward from 20, 50. Many children don't recognize numbers either....

Mon. - Practice all flashcards. Math Side 111B and 111 Fact pages for homework.

Tues. Practice all flashcards.  Math 112B and 112B Fact pages for homework.

Wed. - Practice all flashcards. Math 113B and 113B Fact pages for homework.

Thurs. - Practice all flashcards. Math 114B and 114B Fact pages for homework.

Fri. - Math Skills Test (in class)- Includes facts test too.


Monday, May 1-3    Dental Safari at Denning School. We must have the previously sent home forms completed/returned before your child can be   seen for dental care.

Thursday, May 11 - Field Trip to Marion to see "Smurf movie". remind you child to be on their best behavior.